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Looking for a writer? If so I may have just the qualifications that you’re searching for.

In the market for something bright?
I can weave you a tale of times long ago, of times when honor and intrigue ran rampant. Times when valiant behavior was rewarded and there were no clouds of distraction other than those thrown in the air by magicians.

In the market for something to make you fall in love?
Come closer and my lips will whisper you heavy, honey coated verses that tell the mournful, yet uplifting tales of crisscrossed lovers who will never be together anywhere other than their own minds. Tales of marriages that actually work and tales of hopeful promises of fruitful love that cannot be had, for it is forbidden at the moment, but destined to manifest.

In the market for something low?
I will share a tale of a lost girl, one so lost that any substance she put in her body couldn’t bring her up. So low, that even a massive network of friends, family and lovers couldn’t pull her out. I knew that girl. I can tell you that tale.

In the market for something fun?
A story of light and love and laughter? Family and friends who no matter the scope of distance or circumstance, fit nicely together intimately in crowded rooms or expansive, airy open front porches. 5 bottles of expensive champagne later and life long friendships are equally solidified as the ones reaffirmed over shots of cheap cinnamon whiskey.

In the market for something dark?
The stories we all are too afraid to tell, to afraid to share, the ones that we hear of other people that make us want to scrub our skin with a loofah so hard it burns and bleeds bc it’s all too familiar, I can tell you those too. Tell you what I see.

Writer for hire available for all transcription. Transcription can take place as we sit by the fire that you draw and watch the fire spirits dance, and release all the tales in the ghosts of each individual smoke plume.

Writer for hire. You name your price.

Nothing a little whiskey ginger can’t fix. It’s Tuesday. I was crabby. Then mike and I took Isaiah out for burgers and “you’re turning 30 drinks”and now I’m currently watching the League and listening to fantasy football speak. I was fully prepared to be annoyed with the evening but I’m not, its been great. And I can only say, I realized the full amount of pain that Mike must go through when I say one of my two certain best girlfriends who shall remain nameless in order to protect the innocent, are coming over for wine or champagne.
Push and pull. Give and take. What else can you do but sit back and enjoy this stuff we call life?



I am proud of my country today. I am proud of the upholding of rights and the advancement of equality for loving whomever the fuck you want to love.

In other news, and somewhat related, I am proud of women in my life taking a stand for what feels/is right (even if it sucks) and making changes in their own lives. One not advancing a new relationship that moved too fast too soon,  one ending an engagement and moving forward after a 7 year relationship, another rejecting the advances of a guy who was all wrong back then and still all wrong right now and a few others giving a whirl at the dating game after being out, by choice, for a long time. Ladies remember, the men in our lives are meant to enhance and increase our joy, expand our existence, cultivate our minds and bask in our beauty, relationships do not define us, they are part of our existence, NOT our entire existence. (This goes for you too fellas).

I’ll kick my soapbox aside and return to my brooding in the thunderstorm, looking at the pretty pictures in Architectural Digest, planning my thesis work for tomorrow, worrying about who the Cavs will select in the draft, and hoping that the person that stole our GPS gets what is coming to him in the universe.

And let’s get this week with already over shall we?



I haven’t felt like blogging lately. I also haven’t really had the time. I set a goal for myself when the weather finally cracked to spend as much time outside as possible and I have done a damn fine job of doing so. I also have abandoned my monthly to do list monster creations and have focused more on just being. Tonight I spent the night with some of my very bests, under a hazy moon, with the first bug bites of the year taking place and the Cavs snagging the number one pick in the draft. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday.

I’d say that my weekend actually started Thursday at the Reel Big Fish show at the House of Blues. Anna and I went, along with her little cousin who was celebrating her 18th birthday (ten years ago for me folks sheesh) and we decided in honor of Olivia, we absolutely needed to get in the pit. And we did indeed. Sweaty, gross and probably disgusting, I couldn’t stop smiling. Concerts always bring back so many awesome memories for me and seeing the 16 year old kids jamming to a band that I liked at that age made me happy for humanity.

Not a bad view, once the tall kid in front of me vanished. Here was polished me before the show and sans the sweat.

And in spite of being out till 1 am, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed at my desk Friday morning. Great show by RBF as always. Friday night was couch night after multiple plans cancelled and I was fine with it. Kevin, one of my very bests, came over with Pitch Perfect which while cheesy, is seriously funny as hell. When mike got home at the tail end of it we decided the next logic thing to do would be to watch one of the best movies ever made in the universe.

D2 is so awesome I seriously may devote a blog to it. We all knew every line and still got chills. Saturday was full of rehashing lines. BRILLIANT. The mighty duck man himself! Emilllllooooo was Amazing. The quack attack is back jack.
Saturday, I had a hangover from too much wine,whoops, and went to the Lake Erie Monsters game with my darling HP. Our seats were great, the diet Pepsi and bottomless popcorn and too long on the rollers hot dogs were divine and we found a new favorite scrappy little hockey player. A low key, but awesome night out.

And then we have Sunday. Errands, a walk in the bright sunny cold, and my first attempt at chix paprikash. It’s in the crockpot so I still am unsure if I will be ordering food this evening or eating cheese and crackers. So after a busy, great weekend, I’ve already taken a detox bubble bath and have out on my PJs and am ready to unwind for my week ahead.


This week is going to be a busy one, capping out with a trip to see Steve and the kids in Houston on Friday. Can’t wait!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a great week ahead. Xoxo ps. GO CAVS

I don’t need anything for Christmas. I don’t even want anything. I asked for Home Depot cards. GLAMOR. And Mike and I aren’t doing gifts, only stocking stuffers. We decided to do this because neither of us need a thing. And when we do need it, we buy it. So I am grateful that we can do this and I am grateful that we are able instead to spend that money on a fun day and night downtown the day after Christmas. We are seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Q in the afternoon, followed by some dinner and drinks and some casino time. I’m excited to see the original Higbee’s decorations they found in storage and have pulled out to decorate the Horseshoe. So needless to say, I am looking forward to spending our money on a great day and experience rather than a bunch of sweaters and crap that we don’t need. So this wishlist, is a random list of some funny, awesome and dreamy stuff that I clearly don’t need but enjoy looking at. And besides, you know you always buy yourself something during the holidays while shopping for others so maybe you will find something you need.

Happy holidays everyone. Wrap your shit.


bookThe Kennedy Women by Laurence Leamer. There’s gotta be some good stories in this one. And I have a sneaaakking suspicion that  this may actually be in my stocking.  Available on Amazon.

matNayoya Acupressure Mat. Acupuncture is something I want to try. Mainly for my anxiety, but I have heard it works only if you stick with it continually and I have heard it doesn’t work. Maybe I should start with this?? Might be worth a shot. If I can convince myself to lay down on it. Also available on Amazon.

dishBuddha Butter Dish. Ok. Maybe I do need something. Available on Fred Flare.

braceletCartier LOVE bracelet. Simple, delicate, and WAY out of my price range. WISH LIST PEOPLE. Swoon. Available here.

northfaceThe obvious North Face. I have a hard time spending 100.00 on a fleece. But for some sick reason, I like this. And hey if 8 year olds i know have one, shouldn’t I? Available at Zappos.

fameFame by Lady Gaga. I ran my mouth about how I hate when celebrities create a perfume. Then I found one I love. This is sexy. And I may have to buy it. Available at Sephora.

Lately I feel like I go to sleep, wake up and the month is over. It’s thanksgiving week, I have a ONE Styling sponsored event on the Eastside tonight, work, book reviews due and a weeklong business trip to Chicago starting Saturday. I literally feel like every once of free time this week will be squeeezzzeed as tightly as humanly possible. I had a horrible cold 2 weeks ago and I am SO very thankful that it came and went when it did. Speaking of thankful, I like seeing posts on people being thankful, but I feel like we (myself included) should work to be thankful daily. Especially for the little things. More on the ONE styling event this week!
Hope everyone has a great and thankful week!


Hey remember when I actually did this post weekly? Yeah me too.

**beautiful, sunny fall days are like instant Xanax.

**Halloween time puts all kinds of spooky in the air at night and I love it.

**It’s time for a detox, a refreshing one, not an extreme one. I may go get a detox foot soak or spend some time in an aromatherapy room. As the earth is getting ready for rest and recharge, I should too.

**Basketball starts this month!! GO CAVS

**I heart dinner parties.

**After going through a book slump, I have finished 2 in a week and am looking forward to wrapping up a 3rd by Sunday.

**it is not wise to purchase decorative cornstalks that are bigger than your car. It makes for an interesting drive home.

**I am making a conscious effort to not blow money. Sometimes I feel like the minute I have extra money in the checking it needs to be gone. I decided to go spend free a couple days a week and its Thursday and there’s still money before payday. I know it may seem silly, but I think we are such a culture of RIGHT NOW that it felt good to say no I’m not buying anything now. And a day later when I did have to spend money, I didn’t even think of what I initially was going to buy. Shows how unimportant it was. I always say I’m putting myself on budget lockdown but maybe it doesn’t have to be a lockdown, rather just a pause.

**I forgot how much I liked Maya Angelou.

**its always fun to look forward to seeing great, fun, new people you meet! :)

Have great end of the week everyone!!


I found myself grumbling the other day while reading two blogs I have been actively following since 2007. I was annoyed that the amount of personal posts the two have been posting are virtually non existent. All posts seem to be sponsored or promoted and it pissed me off. It pissed me off because I used to love reading these two girls thoughts on nothing, their feelings, what they did Saturday and seeing what they bought online. Now it’s “who wore it best” posts and other garbage. Then I realized, looking at my blog that I’ve been doing the same thing lately. I love my beauty posts and my book reviewing but my blog is not exclusive to either. It’s a collection of stuff, and lately I think the personal stuff has rapidly diminished. Maybe I don’t feel like sharing or maybe I just don’t care. I’ve been seeing it in other blogs too, suddenly it’s overtaken with crafts and recipes instead of stories. As a blogger, and I use that term loosely for myself, do you just go through stages? I mean I used to write and post concert reviews but stopped because the concerts stopped being fun. Do our personal stories become less interesting or become too complicated to explain? Does anyone even care? Another blog I’ve been reading since 2007 has DRASTICALLY shifted direction and while it’s a good one, I don’t think the material is right for me anymore. It’s weird how that stuff changes and how you notice it. I suppose it’s like a tv show that suddenly changes cast. My blog isn’t going to go all makeup, or all books or all how I spent my Tuesday but I do feel like I need to reintroduce the personal element back in a bit and for no one but myself and to reorganize and recharge.

I forget that I have a blog a lot. Or I remember and then forget to use it. Same thing I suppose. I like to tell myself I AM TOO BUSY BEING AWESOME AND INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE AND INSPIRED TO WRITE ABOUT MY WEEKEND. Maybe in reality, I am sitting on the couch, glass of wine in hand and watching Duck Dynasty. SO WHAT. I guess I feel that documenting things to the tiniest detail for your readers takes the fun out of things you are actually DOING to a certain extent? maybe it’s just how my mind works and I am overthinking as usual. maybe I have to try to collect rather than organize my thoughts immediately. Jumble it all into a post saying what I did. It seems like a lot for me to keep track of. But I do read posts like that, and I think there is a certain voyeuristic quality to all of us-we like to see how others spend their time and money and lives. I like Instagram. There’s no fuss, only images. I know that’s why I like Twitter better than Facebook, it’s conversation and stimulation over LOOK MY KID WENT TO THE DENTIST posts. I dunno. There’s something weird in the air lately, everyone seems super defensive, time is going too fast and I suddenly find myself wondering where hours went. Memorial Day weekend is a blur and I can honestly say that it doesn’t even feel like summer. The yard is done, the garden is planted and the heat has arrived. Maybe when I make my way up to Vermilion for the first time of the year Summer will finally hit me.

Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll try my hardest to make better use of my blog. It is on one of my many to do lists.

be well.


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