Prove It! Reward Points Program from Biore!!!

Hello Hello!!! check out the Prove It! Reward points Program by Biore on their Facebook page. Tons of skincare tips and tricks, promotions and more! If you sign up for the program, do me a favor and enter blogger code “says” (for my blog!) when you sign up. If you do this, we are both eligible to win GREAT prizes. For signing up with the blogger code “says” you will immediately earn points and have a free product sent right to you!!

See below for more information!

First go to:
After you do that, then be sure to “Like” Bioré® Skincare,
Allow the application
Enter on the “Before you Begin” page and submit For the blogger code, use “says”

Don’t forget to enter the blogger code “says” when you sign up! And please spread the word with the blogger code!!


Biore wants you to be recognized and rewarded for the little things you do. Every day, the small steps you take lead to big results. You take care of your skin. You spend an extra five minutes at the gym. Now it’s time for Biore to give back to you. Build up points – instead of dirt and oil – that can be redeemed for coupons, prizes and free products. Here’s how:

  • Correctly Answer Daily Trivia Questions and Complete Prove It™ Reward Challenges: How much do you know about maintaining healthy skin? Did you wash your face today?
  • Make your Purchases of specially marked Bioré® Pore Strips Count: Look for the Prove It!™ Reward Points product code in specially marked packages, and enter it to earn points.
  • Return to Earn: Get points by visiting 5 days in a row, answering a string of questions correctly, and more!
  • Get Bonus Rewards: When you sign up, you have the chance to get a bonus reward like products or points instantly. If you received a free product code from a friend, it will count as your bonus reward
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