When people are leaving boot imprints on your skin and on your soul…

It’s probably not your battle to fight or your crib to tuck in.

When people want you to fight their demons for them…

Sorry, you’re too busy stepping on your own and pushing them out of the way.

Happy 2014! Every single blog post in the new year has stated how the blogger doesn’t believe in resolutions, only goals. Are they not the same thing essentially. Is a goal more high brow than a resolution? Or is it just easier to say you failed at meeting a goal (sad face) vs. you didn’t keep your new years resolutions? Whatever. Why do we only do this publicly In January? I made a list of things to do in 2014. Some may not happen, most hopefully will. And i feel like unlike my old “monthly to do lists” that used to unknowingly give me anxiety in my journal, I think my 2014 list is a good one. Instead of boring you with my long list on how I want to save more money, do new things and eat more greens, I’m just going to give one thing I want to work on in the new year. I need to get over myself. Period. I love myself, but man, I gotta get over me. Sometimes I let things go to far into my heart, let things spend too much time in my head and spend too much time worrying about shit that doesn’t concern me and HOW it concerns me. Get over it. Sure I’m awesome, but I gotta get over that. MOVE ALONG. I found myself driving into work today in the freezing Cleveland cold and thinking:

I’m tired. I’m exhausted even. I don’t want to do this today. I don’t want to talk to anyone today. I don’t want to stop for gas later. See a pattern? I, I, I, I. Get over it. Get over yourself. I lectured myself. And know what? I had a good day. And I got over myself. For a day at least. That could have been enough. I came home a little earlier, had dinner with Mike and I’ve been in my office ever since cranking out whatever my creativity will allow before I decide my brain has had enough. If I was standing in my own way, I may be on the couch instead. I got over me and saved my Monday.

“I got pissed, I gave up, and yet here I am again”

-Patti Smith

Have a great week everyone. And if you’re in the Midwest, stay cozy.

Christmas is here in six days and there’s a sporting chance that you still need to pick up a few gifts. I know that I do! I’ve blogged about Calgon before and I’ve been a fan for years and I am happy to say that if you need a quick, great gift for a special girl in your life of any age, there’s BOUND to be a gift set from Calgon that will fit your needs. I was sent the following to try out and review and cute little sets, are not only a great value, but are also a great package of products. I was sent a body cream set that includes three classic fragrances: Tahitian Orchid, Morning Glory and Hawaiian Ginger. Hawaiian Ginger is my favorite of the bunch but all scents are appealing and the creams are rich, yet not greasy. They are also perfect to toss in your purse or your travel bag.  Image

I was also sent the Hot Date Warm Vanilla and Pear gift set. I have reviewed Hot Date before HERE

Love the scent and I love the super cute gift package, with the FUZZY socks as an added bonus to the body wash and body spray minis. And come on, at under $5.00 this gift is PERFECT to pick for a few preteens or anyone really that you need something for. Image

Calgon products can be found on their website www.takemeaway.com or at major retailers such as Target and Walmart nationwide.

A timeless beauty favorite and a great gift!!

Disclosure: I was provided products in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

We live a time where quotes about motivation, positive thinking, healthy living, and change inspiring jargon are practically dripping off of stock photos. Our Facebook feeds are polluted with them, Pinterest has an entire section for quotes, and people on twitter with super flat stomaches post quotes about positivity and the grind. I’m a writer. I pull inspiration, when I can, from every imaginable source. I can’t force it like some can. I’ve tried and I cannot. I have furtively scribbled down quotes by those that I admire and those whose words I admire. And yet I find nothing that motivates me more than me. And if that motivation is a struggle to seek, oh well. My quote can only be “keep going”. I understand the intention of motivational quotes. I see the importance. I write the ones down I like and see why people like them. But they cannot formulate our course of action. For we are all different. The contexts and times are different for many. Why do we need other people’s lines or pictures to motivate ourselves. Why do we not subscribe to the mantras, the simple mantras of, be good to yourself, do good work, be good to society and don’t be an asshole. We can create beautiful things if we spend more time creating and less time repeating quotes or worrying about not meeting the expectations set in front of us by Internet stock photos and phony gurus. Remember. No one is perfect. You can strive to be good and you can be great. But no one is perfect.


“If you want to see where you are, you will have to get out of your spaceship, out of your car, off your horse, and walk over the ground. On foot you will find that the earth is still satisfyingly large and full of beguiling nooks and crannies”
-Wendell Berry

Needed that tonight. Xoxo

What is one to do when things that used to be hated, suddenly aren’t hated anymore? When things that one used to say with resounding dislike, suddenly feel like lies? Do we all fall prey to recycled phrases about likes and dislikes? What do we do when they are no longer true? Keep repeating them, turning them into lies? Stop saying them, pretending that they never existed? Or fess up?


I no longer dislike bone-in chicken wings.

I can now handle my whiskey.

Cooking no longer frightens me completely.

Happy Saturday everyone xxoxo


Lately I’ve been feeling like I know an awful lot about an awful lot of people. Information that I’m not sure I asked for, needed or even wanted. But I get it. I get a lot of it. And then I’m thinking, does anyone really know anything about me? What do I share? Anything? Nothing? Am I selective? Or can I just not get a word in edgewise? Sometimes I think that instead of offering up my stories or thoughts or personal info to someone who just shared theirs, I’m so emotionally drained all I can do is say “I’m cool”. And come to think of it? I don’t know if I’m even asked a lot of the time. I just soak it all up like a psychic sponge and next thing I knows brain is churning with other people’s lives and drama. Maybe I should just start carrying extra notebooks around to pass out the next time someone wants to share their memoir.


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